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Anyone could get stuck in a situation where you need money, and you need it fast. Instead of visiting banks and pawn shops, apply for a loan online! You can easily get a loan up to $5,000 as soon as possible!

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What is an Online Loan?

Need money immediately with urgent financial stakes on your shoulders? That's where online loans come in. With online loans, you can apply online, receive offers, and get the deposit from a lender as quickly as within a day.

An online loan is a quicker and more convenient alternative to traditional methods. Besides being an option for fast cash, online loans help improve credit scores if you repay the amount timely.

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What is the Difference Between an Online Loan and a Traditional Loan?

There are various factors that differentiate online loans from traditional loans. Some traditional lenders like banks have adapted to the online method, too. The option you go for is ultimately up to you after weighing the pros and cons of each.

  • Eliminates Face-to-Face Interaction: The entire procedure for borrowing money with online loans works digitally, whether filling in the application, contacting customer service, or signing the agreement. Meanwhile, you might have to visit the location and fill in the paperwork if you opt for a traditional method.
  • Faster Application Processes: Where online loans can take only a few minutes to receive offers from lenders using automated systems, traditional lenders may take days to review and process your application.
  • Multiple Loan Types: Traditional lenders commonly provide limited loan types to their customers. In some cases, it might be the same case with online lenders. But, with the help of an online broker like USBadCreditLoans, you'll be able to find a lender that offers the loan type you require, such as bad credit loans, payday loans, installment loans, etc.
  • Lower Fee Charges: While it isn't applicable for every online lender, most have lower fee charges compared to traditional options like banks or credit card issuers. Compare offers and closely review the rates before applying to avoid falling for hidden charges later on.

What Loans Can I Get Online?

You can take out a variety of loans on the Internet. They come with different amounts, terms and requirements, and are used for a wide range of purposes. Some of them are even available for borrowers with bad credit. Here is the list of popular online loans you may like:

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What Are Requirements for Online Loans?

Before applying for a loan, you first need to check whether you're eligible. According to the US laws and regulations, you need to tick the following criteria:

  • 18+ years old
  • Valid identification document, e.g., government-issued ID card, license, or passport.
  • Proof of stable income source
  • Active bank account

How to Apply for an Online Loan From USBadCreditLoans?

We've made the step-by-step process for applying for a loan as simple and easy as possible. All you need to do is follow these steps:

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Fill Out the Application Form

Once you've cross-checked eligibility, it's time to move to the application process. Fill the application with authentic information. You may need to provide additional information like payment details for lenders that offer personal loans and auto-repayments. When you're done, click the submit button, and we'll forward your application to our reputable lenders.


Choose a Lender

Our partnered lenders will review your application and send an offer if you fulfill the criteria. You'll start seeing offers as immediately as within minutes of submitting your application. Compare the rates and find the one that suits your preferences before making a decision.


Sign the Agreement

After selecting an offer, the lender will send official documents like terms and conditions and an agreement form that you'll have to e-sign.


Receive the Money

You'll get the deposit in your bank account soon. Mostly, borrowers receive offers as fast as within a day!

How Safe Are Online Loans?

Online loans are incredibly safe, especially with more and more people opting for this option instead of traditional methods. What you do need to check is whether the online lender you're going for is trustworthy and reliable. You wouldn't want to fall for a scam when you're already in a financial crisis.

One method to check an online lender's reputation is to search for ratings and reviews of the company. Numerous sites have customer reviews on online lenders. Other than reliability, you'd want to go for a company that has good customer service.

In terms of interest rates, there's no set range for the amount or percentage of the interest rate applicable on loan. It varies from state to state, and some states may not have any regulations at all. Anything too high, say above 20% APR is a financial rip-off. Even if you're getting a sufficient amount and the loan comes off as cheaper than other options, you might be putting yourself in long-term debt.

How Fast Can I Get an Online Loan?

A major plus point of online loans is getting the money as quickly as within a day. Although, you should keep a 1-3 business days timeline in mind for getting the money deposited into your account.

In the end, the duration depends on your lender. Some lenders may give you the loan on the same day, while others can take a day or two to review your application before sending an offer. It also depends on how quickly you submit verification documents and the bank account details required by the lender.

If you don't have the time to take your chances with applying for a loan with a direct lender and receiving a response days later, go for an online broker like USBadCreditLoans. We forward your application to our network of trusted lenders who can review it and send an offer as quickly as within minutes!

What Kinds of Online Loans Does USBadCreditLoans Offer?

At USBadCreditLoans, we understand that every customer has different needs, which is why in partnership with our network of lenders, we bring multiple loan types. Our range of loan types will help you select the one that's right for you.

  • Payday Loans: This type of loan lets you borrow money quickly for short-term durations until your next payday. You can borrow anywhere between $100 to $5000 with payday loans. The repayments are usually automated, where the amount you have to repay and additional charges automatically get deducted from your bank account on a specific date.
  • Same-Day Loans: As the name suggests, you can get fast cash within a day with a same-day loan. These are ideal for an urgent situation where you need the money within a day. You can borrow money up to $5000. Lenders usually charge higher interest rates and fees for same-day loans.
  • Title Loans: In title loans, you hand over a personal asset to a lender and borrow money equal to its value. You and your lender decide a date that you have to repay by. Failure to repay timely allows the lender to sell your asset. This type of loan is usually risky and not recommended.
  • Installment Loans: If you borrow money using installment loans, you can repay the amount gradually over a period of anywhere between a month to 30 years. In this loan type, you'll have to pay a specific amount on a fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annually basis, according to what you and your lender decide. This takes the burden of repaying all at once off the shoulders but does come with higher interest rates the longer the repayment period.

Can I Get an Online Loan Without an Income?

Online lenders do require some form of income coming to your bank account. This allows them to check your capability of repaying the loan in time. However, if you're not a permanent employee at an organization, other sources can also qualify you for a loan. As long as you have any sort of income that you consistently receive, you can apply for a loan. Some of these include:

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Welfare Programs
  • Pension Income
  • Annuity Income
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Trust Income
  • Rental Income

In case you don't have any income source, including the options mentioned above, you can't apply for an online loan. Other alternatives to getting a loan are mainly offline, such as asking from family or friends, getting a credit cash advance, going to a pawn shop, or applying for an asset-backed loan.


  • 1. Which online loan site is the best?

    The best online loan sites this year are SoFi, LightStream, Upstart, and Prosper. However, each of these companies is ideal for different customer types. For instance, SoFi usually accepts applicants with good credit scores. If you're not sure about contacting an online lender directly, an online broker is the best option to get targeted loan offers.

  • 2. What are the easiest loans to get?

    Loans that range between $100 to $5000 are easier to get than those with higher amounts. You can get payday loans, cash advances, or online loans for bad credit easily. Personal loans that allow you to borrow up to $35,000 are more difficult to get.

  • 3. Who can lend me money now?

    The simplest way to get fast cash is to apply for an online loan. Online lenders usually send the money as soon as possible once they review and approve your application. You can also ask your bank or credit card issuer to lend you a cash advance, but some traditional lenders may take longer to accept a loan request.

  • 4. What do you need for an online loan?

    You need to be eligible to apply for an online loan. The requirements include being 18+ years old, having a valid identification document, a stable source of income, and a checking account. You may need a good credit score or monthly income above a certain value for personal loans that let you borrow higher amounts.

  • 5. Is online loan legal?

    Whether or not borrowing a loan is legal depends on the state you're residing in. Generally, payday loans are illegal in numerous states. However, you can still apply for a different type of online loan, for instance, personal loans. Search for the state laws on online loans on the internet or ask an online lender, and they'll let you know.

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