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It could be a painful process to compare and visit different title loan stores. To save you from the hassles of getting a title loan, we provide an easy and fast approach to title loans near you. Just submit your information online and we will find you a suitable lender.

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What Is a Title Loan?

A title loan is a type of secured loan in which you can use your car as collateral. The lender can repossess your automobile if you don't return the loan on time since your car secures the loan payments.

Title loans are short-term, high-interest loans with few requirements, allowing you to apply even with bad credit. Finding a car title loan can sometimes be challenging with miscellaneous lenders online and the risk of phishing and scams. It would take much time to apply for a title loan near you. USBadCreditLoans, a secure broker, can help you find a suitable lender and get lender approvals quickly without any extra fees.

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Types of Title Loans

  • Car Title Loan

    Car title loans provide you with immediate cash ranging from $100 to $5,000 in return for the title to your vehicle. They're a form of secured loan in which the lender has the right to take your property if you don't pay. These loans are incredibly costly, with high fees and annual rates often exceeding 260%.

  • Motorcycle Title Loan

    A motorcycle title loan is a type of short-term loan in which your motorcycle serves as security. Depending on your state's requirements and the condition and worth of your motorbike, you can apply for and perhaps qualify for a $5,000 loan.

  • RV Title Loan

    An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a vehicle and a shelter for people who want to travel across the nation, camp, and do other things. If you're wondering how an RV title loan works, it's similar to how a car or motorbike title loan works: you qualify based on the value of your RV and your capacity to repay the loan. You may acquire a bigger loan because RVs have a more significant discount.

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Where Can I Find Title Loans Near Me?

  • In-Store Title Loans Near Me

    An in-store title loan is a great option if you prefer to meet a professional team with your loan requirements and recommend the best offers. Most lenders provide an in-store locator tool on their official website, which can help you get easy and instant access to the nearest in-store title loans in your location. The locator tool is usually accompanied by a map that shows you how to go to your destination's address from wherever you may be within the US.

  • Online Car Title Loans

    Online title loans are a convenient method to receive the cash you require. You can easily get a car title by filling out our simple application loan. When applying for an online title loan with USBadCreditLoans, you can acquire the money you need by using your vehicle, RV, or motorbike as collateral.

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How to Apply for a Title Loan?


Complete an Online Application Form

Visit a lender's official website and fill out an application form. Their customer representative will contact you with a quotation after receiving all of your information.


Look for the Nearest In-store Title Loan

Use an in-store locator tool to find the nearest loan store to you. A map is readily accessible to guide you in locating the nearest loan store location.


Request for Fund Release

Once your loan application is approved, the customer representative will notify you, and they will release the funds to you instantly.


Get Paid

You can get your payment via any three options: cheque, wire transfer, or cash pick-up from any in-store title loans near you.

Fast Access to Title Loans by State

We provide convenience in finding title loans with a list of title loans in different states of the U.S. Find out more about title loans in your state below.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Title Loan with Our Service?

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    Get Cash From Lenders Quickly

    Auto title loans are a quick option to get cash if you own a car for collateral like any other online loan. Lenders we partner with can approve your loan application in as fast as 15 minutes and transfer the loan amount you need in just 2-3 business days.

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    Most Credit Types Accepted

    We accept most credit types. In addition, our lenders will not run a hard credit check on you, making it simple to qualify even if you have bad or no credit.

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    Hassle-free Loan Application

    You just have to fill out an online form to apply for a title loan and get offers from lenders. You don't necessarily have to go to a pawn shop or a physical provider to get a title loan.

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    Secure & Confidential

    You can be assured that your personal details with us will always remain secure and confidential. Our policy does not condone sharing your bank details with a third party.

Title Loan Alternatives

  • Payday loans

    A payday loan is a small, unsecured loan for a short period, usually up to $5,000, where lenders evaluate your application based on your credit score and capacity to repay the amount. Payday loans are not suggested for extended periods because of their astronomically high-interest rates.

  • Personal Loans

    A personal loan is a loan that provides you with a one-time cash payment. Then, throughout the loan's duration, you can pay back that amount plus interest in regular, monthly payments. Compared with other loans, you can get more money and enjoy lower interest rates with personal loans.

  • Installment loans

    An installment loan is an unsecured personal loan of up to $5,000 issued over a more extended period than payday loans. Installment loans feature lower APRs than payday loans since they are payable in set monthly installments. Installment loans may be more affordable if your credit score is higher.

  • Bad Credit Loans

    Bad credit loans are loans intended for people who have a bad credit score or have no credit history. These loans include higher interest rates and limitations than other loans to ensure that lenders get repaid. Lenders might require other proof that you can repay the loan from you.


  • How much can I get for a title loan?

    Typically, you can borrow between 25% and 50% of the car's worth. According to the FTC, the average loan amount is $100 to $5,500, and we can match you with some lenders that can let you borrow up to $5,000.

  • What happens if I can't make a payment on my title loan?

    If you can't make payment on your title loan, you'll eventually default. As a result of the penalties, fees, and interest charges accruing to your account, you'll owe more money. This will lower your credit score, making it challenging for you to apply for loans in the future.

  • What if I change my mind and cancel the title loan?

    It's simple to get rid of the title loan. If you change your mind, all you have to do is return the money. Our lenders can waive the application cost and other fees related to the loan if you return the money.

  • Is there any cost to applying for a title loan?

    There is no fee or cost involved in applying for a title loan. Credible lenders will never charge you an application fee. Applying for a title loan is completely free.

  • Are your car title loans available near me?

    You can easily find a car title loan online and in physical locations by using our service, which helps you find local title loan shops in a few minutes and provides instant title loan offers.

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