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Ways to get quick cash today to deal with a crisis.

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Life is full of little emergencies (and opportunities), and you need cash to deal with most of them. What do you do if you find your bank account empty when the unexpected happens? Where do you turn when you need money now?

Getting Quick Cash with a Loan

The easiest way out of a temporary financial crisis is often a quick cash loan: one that lets you get money fast. These kinds of loans, unlike those you'd use to buy a house or a car, can be spent any way you like. This means they aren't typically linked to an asset you can sell to recover the loan amount. You are expected to repay them within a short amount of time, usually a few weeks but sometimes several months.

Another feature of loans that can grant you quick cash today is that they're not hard to apply for, even with bad credit. While a mortgage application (for example) usually takes around a month to be approved, an emergency loan can be obtained the very same day.

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Types of Quick Cash Loans

If I need money now, which kind of loan will work best for me? Different types of instant money loans differ by how much quick cash you can borrow, how quickly you have to repay it, and how much you have to pay back over and above what you borrowed.

The three major types of instant money loans have different answers to each question.

Payday Loans

The shorter the loan period, the more interest you have to pay. This makes payday loans relatively expensive. Because you're supposed to pay back the money with your next paycheck, their interest rates look very high when shown in yearly terms.

Payday loans are usually for small amounts, from under a hundred dollars up to a few thousand. As long as you earn a steady income, loans of this type are easy to get even if you have bad credit.

Personal Loans

Unlike payday loans, personal loans are meant to be paid back in several installments rather than one lump sum. This allows you to borrow larger amounts, with a quick cash infusion of up to $35,000 being a possibility.

Personal loans carry lower interest rates than payday advances. Their drawback is that you normally need a minimum credit score to qualify.

Title Loans

Not surprisingly, fast cash lenders want to reduce the risk of their loans never being repaid. If you can show them that they're covered against this possibility by pledging your car as collateral, they will be happy to lend you more and charge you a lower interest rate. The downside is that your vehicle may be repossessed if you're unable to pay the loan back on time.

How to Borrow a Quick Cash Loan?

Once you've decided what kind of loan will allow you to get money now on the best terms, you need to check out different lenders. Some have offices you can visit, but searching online is way more convenient when you need money now.

You can use your phone or computer to fill out an application on each website. They will ask you various questions, especially about your finances - it's a good idea to keep documents like your bank statements, a utility bill or other proof of address, and pay stubs (or proof of Social Security income) handy.

Once you've provided all the information each lender requires, you'll have to wait for their decision. If you're approved, they should come back to you within a few hours with an offer that will set out how much quick cash they're willing to lend you along with the interest rate and repayment period.

Applying with various lenders gives you the best chance of getting a good deal, but also becomes tedious very quickly. Luckily, there is a shortcut to this: using USBadCreditLoans, you can simply fill in one online form and have them contact dozens of lenders on your behalf.

Why Choose USBadCreditLoans for Quick Loans?

Aside from the convenience of not having to deal with multiple quick cash lending companies yourself, the main reason for working with USBadCreditLoans is that they will steer you towards the right kind of lenders. This means that bad credit isn't necessarily an obstacle, and you can borrow amounts ranging from $50 up to $5000 in the form of a payday, personal, or title loan.

The best part, though, is that multiple lenders will end up contacting you instead of the other way around. You can then compare their various offers, selecting the one that gives you the best terms for your situation.

Why US Bad Credit Loans?
Will bad credit be accepted?YesIdeal for bad credit
What is the max loan amount?$35000Zero hidden charges
What is the max loan term?36 monthsFlexible repayment options
Can I repay the loans in installments?YesConvenient repayments
Are there credit checks?YesSoft search only
How can I apply?Apply onlineInstant application

Alternatives to Loans for Quick Cash

How to raise money fast? Borrowing is certainly one way, and will often be the easiest and quickest. When it comes to your finances, though, it's always a good idea to examine all your options before making a too-hasty decision.

Find a Job with Quick Pay

It could be that your regular employer is looking for someone to pick up extra shifts and is willing to pay you in cash for them rather than having to wait for your regular paycheck. Alternatively, you could try your hand at a side gig. See if one of your neighbors or friends has a job that needs doing, or try out a website like Fiverr to get money fast by completing tasks online.

Borrow Cash Advance From Your Credit Card

Most credit cards have a “cash advance” function that allows you to get quick cash today from any ATM. The downside to this is that, between interest on your card bill and other fees, this generally works out more expensive than taking a quick cash loan.

Sell Spare Items

If you need money now and have electronics, clothing, gift cards, and other in-demand goods lying around the house, you can get rid of some clutter and solve your financial problems at the same time. Platforms like Ebay can help you sell your old, unused stuff quickly, though you may not get what they're worth if you're in a hurry to get cash fast.

Pawn Your Belongings

Pawn shops will loan you money against valuables you leave with them. Though hocking your possessions in this way is even quicker than selling them, you won't receive their full value as a loan from a pawn shop, plus you risk losing them if you can't pay back the money.

Ask a Family Member for Help

You can often get loans from friends and family quickly and maybe even without paying any interest. You risk losing more than money if you can't pay them back swiftly, though. Keep in mind that arguments over money have ruined more relationships than politics, religion, and fantasy football combined.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can I get the cash from a quick cash loan?

The system for applying and processing these kinds of loans is very streamlined. Payouts are usually done within 24 hours, meaning that you'll see the money in your bank account the same or the next business day.

What are the benefits of a quick cash loan?

Aside from offering you access to instant money, the main advantage of quick cash loans is that they're easy to get. Even if your credit score is too low to stand a chance with other lenders, quick loans can be a solution if you need money now.

What are the rates and fees of a quick cash loan?

The cost you need to watch most closely is the interest rate, or how quickly your debt grows over time. In addition, you will probably be charged penalty fees for late payments and renewing (“rolling over”) a loan.

What are the requirements for a quick cash loan?

In general, all you need to apply for a fast cash loan is U.S citizenship or a green card, an active bank account, valid contact details like a phone number or email, a source of income, and to be 18 or older. Different lenders and state laws may have additional requirements.

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